Interfaith Convocation

The Interfaith Convocation, held at the Tillman Chapel at the UN Church Center in NYC on April 26, created a powerful space of reflection, healing, and encouragement. Participation was remarkable, with standing room only and involvement of people – both in leadership in attendance – of many faiths. The full program is available here, and we hope that you will use this as a resource in your personal and community of worship.

In the context of cherishing and securing all creation as a principle and belief widely shared across all religious traditions, the NPT Review Conference and organizing related to it provides a special opportunity for faith communities world-wide to reflect upon and respond to the sin and evil of nuclear arsenals as part of the human enterprise.

We encourage you to use the materials available, including the Interfaith Convocation Program from this year and from the 2010 Service, to raise the call for peace in your faith communities.

The Interfaith Convocation included a ‘blessing wave’ for Global Wave 2015, joining other places of worship around the world in the call for nuclear abolition.


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